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Discover Mutiara Seafood - A taste of Singapore's rich heritage, offering generational flavors and the freshest seafood. Experience our culinary treasures.

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Culinary Treasures of Singapore

Mutiara Seafood is a treasury of Singapore's culinary heritage, preserving the finest flavours of nostalgia with an appreciation for the freshest seafood…

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Welcome to Mutiara Seafood

JUMBO Group’s First Halal Restaurant

Discover authentic Singaporean cuisine at Mutiara Seafood. Our exquisite a la carte and set menus showcase an array of delectable dishes, guaranteeing a truly unforgettable dining experience.

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About Us

Singapore’s early fishing villages
Singapore’s early fishing villages
Pride In Our Past
Mutiara Seafood is a treasury of Singapore's culinary heritage, preserving the finest flavours of nostalgia with an appreciation for the freshest seafood.
Inspired by Singapore's humble beginnings as a fishing village island and the origin of her Kampong Spirit (harmony and solidarity amongst different races), Mutiara seeks to endear the modern palate with generational flavours adored by and shared across her diverse ethnic communities.
The early fishing villages in Singapore were ......
The early fishing villages in Singapore were inhabited by Chinese, Malay & Indian fishermen with their families, living in harmony. The fishermen would set out for sea every day just before dawn, praying for rising tides to bring in abundant fresh catches of fish and crustaceans.
When the tides were in their favour, the fishermen would return home jovially, with their hearts full and their nets even fuller, filled with crabs, prawns, squids and fish. They would amusingly exclaim that they have attained the best treasures the seas can offer and that their catches are as valuable as a "Mutiara" (which translates to the prestigious pearl in Malay). All the families would prepare homely and hearty meals with every catch brought back by the fishermen. Extra servings were saved for their neighbours, eager for them to try new flavours and dishes from other cultures. It was a simple and sincere gesture of appreciation for their fellow men and women, inspired by their Kampong Spirit and curious palates. These were simple yet endearing moments shared by the families in the kampong village.
With Mutiara, we strive to reimagine and share these stories and moments of joy and unity with our diners, expressed through our heartfelt cuisine of heritage Singaporean seafood.
Experience Mutiara and discover the culinary treasures of Singapore.



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At Mutiara Seafood, we pride ourselves on crafting extraordinary experiences, whether you're hosting an in-house event at our inviting venue or taking the celebration off-premises to your desired location. From the freshest seafood to impeccable service, our team is dedicated to making your event truly exceptional.
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